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Laser welding machine maintenance(2)

Apr 19,2023 | TOPTEK

How to better maintain the fiber laser welding machine? At this stage, fiber laser welding machines have become standard configurations for some high-end manufacturing companies. As a high-precision equipment, we must pay attention to maintenance. The daily use and maintenance of the fiber laser welding machine must be operated by trained personnel, otherwise it is easy to cause obvious personal injury. In the maintenance process, five aspects must be paid attention to (will be divided into two parts 1 and 2). The following three aspects are explained:

1. Stainless steel welding wire welding machine maintenance interlock power supply circuit maintenance
The refrigeration system is professionally designed according to the characteristics of laser equipment, and has the guarantee of overheating sound alarm, overheating interlock, flow control valve interlock, liquid level instrument maintenance interlock, etc. The above protection circuits should be checked frequently during use to ensure that their functions are normal and effective.

2. Office environment regulations for fiber laser welding machines
A. General equipment can still operate normally under normal conditions, but once it encounters a unique natural environment, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the equipment can still operate normally under such conditions and its common problems. For example: in a relatively high temperature or humid and cold environment, when the welding machine laser is working, it is necessary to pay attention to the condition of the cooling circulating water pipeline, so as not to produce essence on the pipeline. Because the formation of "essence" will cause damage to the laser welding machine, resulting in a drop in power, or even failure to emit light, so you must pay attention during use.

If "essential condensation" occurs, please stop using the laser welding machine immediately. After the water on the surface of the condenser cavity dries naturally, check the condition of the YAG optical surface again to judge whether the YAG rod is cleaned. Check that everything is working properly before rebooting. Before starting the machine, pay attention to reasonably adjust the lower limit setting temperature of the high temperature control board.
B. When everything is running normally, you should also pay attention to observe whether the titanium tube of the refrigeration unit is frosted. If frost occurs, it may be caused by insufficient freon in the refrigeration unit. Immediately ask the relevant professional and technical personnel to check whether there is any leakage in the power supply.

3. Cleaning of fiber laser welding machine
Before and after each operation, clean the environment first to make the ground dry and clean. Pay attention to keep the fiber laser welding machine equipment clean, including the outer surface of the casing. Observe the system. The work surface is free of impurities and clean. Maintenance glasses must be kept clean.

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