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Common faults of handheld laser welding machines and their solutions

Apr 19,2023 | TOPTEK

The handheld laser welding machine has the advantages of convenient use, simple operation, and excellent product quality. Therefore, when we use a handheld laser welder, corresponding problems will inevitably arise. So when there is a problem, how to solve it? The following is a sorting out of common faults of laser welding machines and their treatment methods.

The welding solubility of the laser welding machine is insufficient. It can be solved by improving the pulse width to improve the current, or adjusting the position closer to the focus.

When cracks appear when the laser welder is switched on. It can be solved by reducing airflow. Or reduce the cooling water temperature and increase the water temperature.

If the workbench has not been cleaned, the workbench can be re-cleaned.

If the flame weakens when the laser welder is welding. Cooling water can be replaced.

If the laser in the main optical path deviates, it is necessary to adjust the full-circuit or half-circuit film of the main optical path.

If the fire doesn't bounce off completely, you need to check if there is any lube left on the shutter connection.

If the weld seam is very deep when the laser welder is welding. The air flow direction of nitrogen or protector needs to be opened in time, which is opposite to the movement direction of workpiece.

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