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1. World first-class reliable components

2. Higher cutting accuracy

3. Higher cutting speed

4. Higher rigidity and stable cutting

5. Minimal Material Waste

5. Easy operation and less maintenance

6. Lower consumable cost

7. Lifetime free technical support





Technical Parameters

Model TK-3015
Working area 3000mm*1500mm
X-axis stroke 3050mm
Y-axis stroke 1520mm
X\Y Max. travelling speed 80-160 m/min
X\Y Max.cutting speed 60-120 m/min
Linear rail diameter 25/35 mm
Helical rack diameter 25/35 mm
Acceleration 0.8-1.5 G
Positioning accuracy 0.05mm/m
Repeated positioning accuracy 0.03mm
Transmission type  Dual servo drive
Lubrication type Auto oiling