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Is the "red light adjustment" of laser marking machine important?

May 12,2023 | TOPTEK

I believe you are no stranger to laser marking equipment such as laser marking machines, so is the red light adjustment of laser marking machines important to laser marking machines? What is red light adjustment?

1. First of all, let's talk about the principle of red light adjustment of laser marking machine. The principle of the laser marking machine to adjust the laser path of the vibrating mirror is the interference of multiple beams, and one of the basic criteria for the impact is the overlap of two lasers in the beam interior space. Simply put, the two laser beams overlap.
2. The advantage of red light adjustment is the accurate positioning of the laser marking machine. Only accurate positioning can make the mark more delicate. It is beautiful, and there will be no various marking problems, which can improve the marking efficiency. The red light is used as the instruction beam for the precise positioning of the laser marking machine. According to different marking software, the corresponding changes are made according to the marking focus, and the corresponding marking operations are made.
3. The focusing red light can also be used as the focus of the laser marking machine, that is, the indication of the marking distance. When the two red laser beams overlap, the marking distance is only the distance between the laser marking field mirror, so there is no need to measure the marking distance every time, which not only saves time, but also greatly improves work efficiency.
In short, the infrared adjustment of the laser marking machine is very important to the operator, which can not only save a lot of focusing time, but also reduce the marking products of different depths. Unevenness can greatly improve the work efficiency of marking personnel.

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