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Is there a safety device on the automatic welding manipulator?

May 11,2023 | TOPTEK

Automatic welding manipulator belongs to the advanced equipment of modern industrial production, which has brought great help to industrial production. Mainly using the principle of pneumatic balance, it can be moved freely for welding. It has many swivel joints, so when designing, the arrangement of safety devices is very important.

Commonly used safety devices for automatic welding manipulators are as follows.

1. Gas cut-off protection device: The automatic welding manipulator adopts a one-way valve and a gas storage tank, so that even if the welding robot suddenly cuts off the gas, there will be no accidental injury, and it can also provide continuous and stable working pressure.

2. Fixture self-locking device: The fixture is equipped with a stop valve. Once the system leaks, the fixture will not be released automatically and must be operated by a button.

3. Low-pressure alarm device: Once the gas source is found to be abnormal, the real-time detection system will send out a safety warning signal to remind the operator to take immediate measures.

4. Misoperation protection device: There is a special monitoring system for the movement speed of the robotic arm to prevent accidents caused by the rapid rise or fall of the robotic arm due to misoperation by personnel.

5. Booster device: Once the pressure of the gas source is not high or unstable, a booster device can be selected to increase the working pressure of the gas source to ensure the normal operation of the system.

6. Load-bearing limit protection device: Once the object grasped by the welding manipulator is found to be overweight, an alarm signal will be sent. If it is seriously overweight, the safety valve will automatically open to prevent accidents.

7. Braking device: Braking devices are installed at each joint of the automatic welding manipulator to prevent the welding manipulator from falling off during rotation.

The above is the introduction to the safety devices on the automatic welding manipulator equipment. After listening to our introduction, are you relieved? If you want to buy automatic welding manipulator, you can come to TOPTEK. We have rich experience and high product quality. , better after-sales service, let you feel more at ease.

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