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Laser welding machine maintenance(1)

Apr 19,2023 | TOPTEK

How to better maintain the fiber laser welding machine? At this stage, fiber laser welding machines have become standard configurations for some high-end manufacturing companies. As a high-precision equipment, we must pay attention to maintenance. The daily use and maintenance of the fiber laser welding machine must be operated by trained personnel, otherwise it is easy to cause obvious personal injury. In the maintenance process, five aspects must be paid attention to (will be divided into two parts 1 and 2). The following two aspects are explained:

1. Maintenance of refrigeration system of fiber laser welding machine
A. Keep the industrial chiller clean: Disassemble and clean the covering soil net of the industrial chiller on time, and remove the dust on the cooler of the industrial chiller.
B. Guarantee the purity of the cooling circulating water: replace the cooling filter element and filter element of the circulating system water once a month.
C. Replace epoxy resin: always pay attention to the color change of ion exchange chromatography in the refrigeration system. Once the color of the epoxy resin in the exchange column is found to be dark red or even black, the epoxy resin should be replaced immediately

D. Ensure that the laser industrial chiller is in an environment within 40°C, and ensure that the vents and air inlets of the industrial chiller are naturally and smoothly ventilated.
E. Regularly check whether there is water seepage at the quick connector of the water pipe. If there is water seepage, please tighten the screw at this time until there is no water seepage.
F. Winter maintenance: In addition to daily maintenance, you also need to pay attention to cold protection. In order to ensure the normal application of the laser, the working temperature should not be lower than 5°C. Automobile antifreeze can also be added according to the specific conditions of the industrial chiller.
G. When the industrial chiller is shut down, or shut down for a long time due to failure, try to drain the water in the water storage tank and pipeline of the industrial chiller.

2. Maintenance of optoelectronic devices of fiber laser welding machine
A. Regularly check and adjust the laser quality: regularly check the laser output spot with the laser light replacement paper. If the spot is uneven or the energy is reduced, it is necessary to adjust the resonator of the optical element to adjust the spot to ensure the quality of the laser.

B. Regularly check and adjust the laser resonator: after working for two weeks or one cycle, first check the YAG rod, material pulse damper and lens protection glass in the laser optical path, and then gradually ensure that the optical components are free from abnormal conditions such as dusty environmental pollution and mold. Once an abnormal situation occurs, it should be handled properly to ensure that the photoelectric device is destroyed under direct strong laser light after it is turned on.
C. Pay attention to the cleaning of the laser light path protective cover, and use special cleaning fluid and supplies when cleaning.

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