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What points should be considered when choosing a laser chiller?

May 04,2023 | TOPTEK

Laser chillers are currently widely used in the laser production and processing industry, such as various types of lasers and laser equipment of various powers, and are a powerful assistant for lasers and laser equipment.
So, what points should be considered when choosing a laser chiller?

1. First of all, consider the cooling capacity of the chiller: as the name suggests, it refers to the actual cooling capacity of the chiller. The heat absorbed by the cooling equipment per unit time when the chiller is working is an index to measure the cooling capacity of the chiller. It is also an indicator for the selection of laser chillers.

2. We need to determine the chilled water volume of the chiller according to the usage of the laser cutting machine: Many customers generally pay attention to the cooling capacity, but often ignore the chilled water volume. The cooling capacity represents the cooling capacity provided by the compressor, while the chilled water capacity represents the ability of the chiller to remove heat.

3. Understand thermal efficiency and water tank capacity: The above two concepts lead to the concept of chiller thermal efficiency and water tank capacity, that is, the two indicators of the throttling control method of the compressor and the size of the water tank. Generally, the bigger the water tank, the better, but different compressor control methods will have great differences in design (capillary or thermal expansion valve). This is the same compressor cooling capacity and water tank capacity, and the operation control mode with PID feedback function will greatly increase the cooling capacity of the entire system.

4. Temperature control accuracy: This index comes from the requirements of the laser. For semiconductor lasers, the temperature control accuracy should be ±0.1°C. This requires the compressor to be able to predict temperature changes and adapt to load changes. Generally, cold water with integrated temperature control module is used. No machine can do this. Of course, for CO2 lasers, the temperature requirement is ±2°C to ±5°C, which can be achieved by most of the dedicated chillers on the market.

5. Water quality requirements, water filtration and water circulation system materials: This comprehensive index is often ignored, but it is very important and directly affects the life of the laser chiller. Therefore, in the process of installing the laser chiller, water treatment operations can be performed on the water quality, or filters can be installed to prevent various impurities from entering the pipeline and affecting the operation of the chiller.

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