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How to increase the speed of metal laser welding machine

May 03,2023 | TOPTEK

Nowadays, the technology has been very developed, the technical level has also improved a lot, and there are more and more advanced products. Due to the needs of the industry, people are more convenient and faster, and laser technology has developed. The production of metal laser welding machines, compared with precision welding The application of traditional mechanical welding equipment has been gradually replaced by laser welding machines. Reasonable application of laser welding machines is conducive to improving welding efficiency and saving enterprise costs. So how to increase the speed of metal laser welding machine?

There are three basic parameters that affect the laser welding rate: laser output power, laser welding rate, defocusing energy, total flow of protective air or side blown gas, etc. If you are already in the initial stages of exploring the basic parameters of welding technology, univariate control strategies are troublesome choices.

In the laser welding process, since the butt weld shape is usually determined by the laser output power and the laser welding speed, the defocus energy will not change after searching for appropriate data. The main purpose is to adjust the laser output power and laser welding speed. An appropriate basic parameter dialog needs to be generated for these two basic parameters.

The key factors affecting the laser welding rate of metal laser welding machines are external factors and product production and processing. The key external factors are laser operating frequency, laser spot mode and laser beam emission angle, laser output power, proper electron optics shaping and auxiliary air, raw material production and processing.

When selecting and matching the final model, we should pay attention to external factors and follow the advice of laser technology engineers. Another important factor to note is the relative density of the laser weld, the overall width of the laser weld, the depth of the laser weld and the overall size of the laser spot.

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