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Adjustment of laser resonant cavity of manipulator laser welding machine

May 03,2023 | TOPTEK

Since the laser resonator is as important to the manipulator laser welding machine as the heart is to the human body, the reason why this equipment can use laser to complete the welding process is precisely because of the function of the resonator, so in order to be able to emit laser beams that can meet the requirements , the laser resonator must be tuned. Specifically, the following aspects should be paid attention to when adjusting.

1. Pay attention to check the reference light source
First of all, look for the red semiconductor laser inside, because it is the standard basis of the entire optical path, so the manufacturer reminds everyone to ensure that the position of this accessory is correct and the state is stable. The manipulator laser welding machine emphasizes that first of all, it should be checked whether the red light reaches a certain height and is parallel to the relevant parts of the equipment. The robot laser welding machine also reminds to ensure that the red light is in the center of the relevant position. If this requirement cannot be met, it needs to be adjusted, and then tighten the relevant screws.
2. Pay attention to adjust the position of the output mirror (output medium diaphragm)
Before using the manipulator laser welding machine, you need to adjust the exit mirror to ensure that its position is correct. Before adjustment, you must remove the condenser cavity, because there is a YAG rod in this part, which will cause refraction and affect the accuracy of adjustment, so you should first find a place to hide. Robot laser welding machine experts remind that if the position of the exit mirror is correct, the red light can be completely reflected back to the exit. If this standard is not met, adjustments are required. After this work is done, put the open relevant parts back in place and recheck.

3. Pay attention to check the installation position of the YAG rod
This check is not difficult, as long as a more convenient method is used, it can be completed. For example, stick both ends of the device with scotch tape and observe the red dots of light. In the right situation, it's somewhere in the middle. If there is a deviation, adjustments are required. It is also necessary to observe that the drug with the same reflection coincides with the red light reflection hole.

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