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How to quickly and effectively clean the weld?

May 03,2023 | TOPTEK

After welding, welding slag remains in the weld seam, and generally welding slag needs to be cleaned after welding is completed. The use of laser cleaning equipment can replace the traditional pre-weld pretreatment and traditional post-weld cleaning methods to clean the metal parts to be welded or after welding.

The principle of laser cleaning weld seam:
The core principle of laser cleaning (weld bead, weld seam, welding slag, welding spot) technology is to irradiate the surface of the workpiece to be treated with a laser beam. Under the concentration of laser energy, the beam irradiates huge energy on the surface, breaking the pollution layer. Dirt is immediately stripped from the substrate and the material returns to its original appearance. The whole process is physical and mechanical, and will not produce new substances and pollution. Laser cleaning technology is an emerging process with high efficiency, environmental protection and low cost.

It can be seen that after welding, the surrounding surface is rough, and there are black and non-ferrous metal impurities on the metal surface, which makes the welding surface as a whole unclean. Use 100W laser cleaning equipment to partially clean the weld seam, and you can see the place irradiated by the laser beam. Impurities on the metal surface are washed away, restoring the color of the metal itself.

Laser cleaning technology can not only effectively clean the residual slag and spatter on the surface after welding, but also solve the problems existing in the existing surface treatment after welding according to its own characteristics.

1. Non-contact cleaning: Laser cleaning does not contact the surface of the material and has wide applicability. It can be used to clean workpieces of various shapes and solve complex curved surfaces that are difficult to deal with by traditional cleaning.

2. No damage to the substrate: After the surface pollutants are cleaned by laser cleaning technology, it will not cause damage to the substrate or the product, which solves the problem that the traditional cleaning and polishing method is easy to cause damage to the surface of the workpiece.

3. High efficiency and environmental protection: laser cleaning technology is efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It can effectively solve the problems of substrate damage, limited workpiece size, long time, low efficiency, and chemical reagents harmful to human body and environment in chemical cleaning.

Laser cleaning is suitable for metal substrate cleaning and product cleaning in many industrial productions. It can also be used to clean other different materials. It is especially suitable for cleaning irregular and uneven surfaces, and is suitable for surface cleaning that cannot be solved by traditional cleaning.

Laser cleaning can not only clean the situation after welding, but also use the laser cleaning machine to pre-treat the welding materials to make the welding effect more ideal. Therefore, if you want to solve the welding seam cleaning problem quickly and effectively, the laser cleaning machine is a good choice!

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