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How to deal with the marking delay of laser marking machine

May 03,2023 | TOPTEK

1. The function of thermal lens of laser marking machine: it is mainly composed of drive board, servo motor and x-y optical mirror. When the reflectivity of the reflector is low, there are impurities in the medium and the surface is polluted. When the laser beam is irradiated, the reflector is thermally deformed. Finally, after passing through the reflector, the spot becomes smaller and the depth becomes shorter.

2. The electrode part of the laser marking machine: the laser of the laser marking machine generally adopts a cylindrical cold cathode, and the cathode material is laser. The objective lens is mainly composed of concave and convex lenses.

3. Total mirror of resonant cavity of laser marking machine: Usually optical glass is used as the base material, and the surface is coated with gold film. The reflectivity of the gold film mirror is greater than 98% near 10.6 um, and the output mirror of the resonator is usually made of Ge, an infrared material that can transmit 10.6 um radiation.

4. Optical delay: the laser delay time when the laser marking machine starts marking. By setting an appropriate opening delay parameter, the "matching head" that appears at the beginning of the mark can be eliminated, but if the opening delay parameter is set too large, it will cause the pen to be lost at the beginning. Positive and negative lasers can be emitted to mark time light in advance.

5. Light off delay: the delay time for turning off the laser after marking. Setting an appropriate light-off delay parameter can eliminate the phenomenon of not closing after the marking is completed, but if the light-off delay is set too large, it will cause "matchheads" to appear at the end. Cannot be negative.

6. Point judgment: Press and hold the Enter key to mark continuously. When the main beam fluctuates, observe the brightness of the laser beam on the workbench and listen to the sound of the mark. The point on the plane is the strongest and also the loudest. After focusing, turn off the start switch and fix the high beam.

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