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Welding of aluminum alloy by automatic welding robot

May 03,2023 | TOPTEK

Can automatic welding robots weld aluminum alloys? There are many aluminum alloy processes used in machinery manufacturing, refrigeration industry, fitness equipment, aerospace and other fields. Traditional welding has technical difficulties in welding aluminum alloy workpieces. The use of automatic welding robots has greatly improved the shortcomings of manual welding. Let's take you to understand the application of automatic welding robots in aluminum alloy process.

Welding characteristics of automatic welding robot to aluminum alloy materials:

1. Reduce welding defects in welding.
Compared with other metal materials, aluminum alloy materials have a lower melting point, and the surface of the workpiece will not change during arc heating, so it is difficult to observe the molten pool, and it is easy to form depressions or defects during welding. The welding robot can automatically calibrate the weld seam, and adjust the penetration depth and fusion width according to the weld seam specification, which is conducive to properly reducing the solder for filling without over-welding or missing welding.

2. No welding dead angle, improve welding efficiency.
The workpiece made of aluminum alloy has a fast heat dissipation rate and is not easy to melt during welding. Therefore, the welding performance of aluminum alloy is relatively poor. Automatic seam searching, welding without dead angle, greatly improving welding efficiency.

3. Liberate the labor intensity of workers and prevent occupational disease hazards.
In traditional welding, workers directly touch and weld aluminum alloy materials. Harmful gases, lasers, high temperatures, etc. generated during the welding process will cause harm to the human body. Automatic welding robot can realize unmanned welding. Workers need to stay away from the welding range during welding. Free workers from heavy welding operations.

4. Improve the production efficiency of enterprises and improve the competitiveness of products.
The aluminum alloy welding process is difficult, and the welding repair rate is high. The restoration process consumes a lot of manpower and material resources. Automatic welding robots can improve the yield rate of products, reduce the output cost of welding for enterprises, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises. Productivity.

The above is the welding application of automatic welding robots on aluminum alloy materials. In the welding process of aluminum alloy workpieces, while stabilizing the welding quality, it can effectively improve the welding efficiency and improve the competitiveness of the enterprise.

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