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Uneven marking? Teach you how to adjust the laser marking machine

Apr 17,2023 | TOPTEK

Why is the marking effect of fiber laser marking machine uneven? Below are brief descriptions of some of the most common situations.

1. The laser spot is blocked, and the output beam passes through the field mirror or galvanometer, which has disadvantages:
2. The lens may be damaged, so the laser energy will be inconsistent when the laser beam comes out.

3. Improper adjustment of the laser field mirror, galvanometer, and fixture will block part of the light spot. After being focused by the field lens, the light spot presented on the frequency doubling film will be non-circular, resulting in uneven effects.
Why is the marking effect of fiber laser marking machine uneven?
1. Local focusing for marking workpieces within a certain range: each focusing lens has its corresponding focal depth. If the focus is not properly aligned, the engraving effect will be uneven.

2. The box is placed horizontally, so that the galvanometer and field mirror are not parallel to the processing table, which will cause the length of the beam to be different after it comes out, resulting in uneven processing effect.
3. Thermal lens phenomenon: When the laser passes through the optical lens (refraction and reflection), it will cause the lens to heat up and produce slight deformation. This deformation increases the focal point of the laser and shortens the focal length. If the machine is fixed, when the distance is adjusted to the focal point, after turning on the laser for a period of time, due to the thermal lens phenomenon, the laser energy density acting on the material will change, resulting in uneven marking effect.

4. Material reasons. If the materials of the same batch of products are inconsistent, the physical and chemical changes will be different. The material is more responsive to laser light. Under normal circumstances, the effect of the same material is consistent, but inconsistent materials will lead to product failure. The effect is biased, because each material can accept different laser energy values, which will cause unevenness in the product.

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