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How to solve the problem of laser welding machine welding through

Apr 17,2023 | TOPTEK

Laser welding machine is the product of modern technology. It is favored by many enterprises because of its fast welding speed, smooth and beautiful weld seam, no need to deal with after welding or only simple treatment. But when using a laser welding machine, you may encounter many difficult problems, such as penetration. So how to solve the welding penetration of laser welding machine?

The main reason for the welding penetration phenomenon of the laser welding machine is that the welding current is too large, the welding speed is too small or the gap is too large.

First, effective control is required to control current and welding speed so that they match. If the welding current is large, the welding speed should be increased appropriately and the installation gap should be strictly controlled. Gas shielded welding should also pay attention to the gas flow rate should not be too large, so as not to form a cutting effect.

In general, flat plate welding is easy to obtain a good weld shape. Single-side welding, surface welding, straight-side welding, horizontal welding, and ring welding of laser welding machines are difficult to obtain a good weld shape, and corresponding measures usually need to be taken according to the condition of the machine body.
During the welding process of the laser welding machine, in addition to penetration, incomplete penetration and melting may also occur.

In order to avoid incomplete penetration and incomplete fusion, the laser welding machine should accurately select the welding parameters, groove mode and drying installation space, and ensure that the weld seam is aligned with the welding base. At the same time, the finishing on both sides of the groove and weld layer makes the molten metal and deposited metal fully fused with the base metal.

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