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How to deal with when the handheld laser welding machine reports an abnormal error?

Apr 20,2023 | TOPTEK

In order to make the laser welding machine work normally, avoid failures and improve work efficiency, the premise is to have enough understanding of the machine, use the machine correctly, and have a good understanding of the working principle of the equipment in order to avoid these problems. Let me explain how to solve the failure of the laser welding machine.

1. If there are black traces in the gap welded by the welding machine, this situation means that the nitrogen switch is not turned on, and the nitrogen can be turned on to solve the problem. Another situation is the protective gas, if the direction is wrong, it will also cause the airflow direction of the protector to be incorrect, just adjust the direction of the workpiece.

2. Cracks appear when welding with a laser welding machine. This is also the most common failure. It may be that the workpiece cools too quickly during welding. At this time, it is only necessary to adjust the cooling temperature of the jig. If the workpiece is not cleaned, the protective gas flow rate is too large, etc., such failures will also occur.

For laser welding machines, it was found that the penetration depth was not enough. It's time to check. If the laser welding energy is sufficient, the fault can be solved by adjusting the pulse width and current.

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