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How to choose laser protective glasses?

May 09,2023 | TOPTEK

Laser protective glasses are special glasses that can prevent or reduce laser damage to human eyes. Laser safety glasses are efficient and safe goggles for a variety of laser equipment. There are many types of laser safety glasses. The common ones are divided into wavelengths. : The wavelengths of laser protective glasses are 355nm, 532nm, 808nm, 1064nm, 10600nm, etc. According to different colors, laser protective glasses have green, yellow, blue, red and other colors, but when we choose laser protective glasses, we should choose protective glasses according to the laser wavelength, not according to the color of the glasses. For example, if you choose laser protective glasses with a wavelength of 532nm, the wavelength of the laser should be around the wavelength of 532nm. Protective glasses with a protective wavelength of 400nm-600nm or wider bands can be selected. Of course, the damage threshold of the lens to the laser can also be considered.

When choosing laser protective glasses, we need to refer to the following points:
1. According to laser safety standards, determine whether to wear laser protective glasses. However, if it is not safe to look directly at the laser and its diffuse reflection, laser safety glasses must be used.
2. Laser characteristics: laser output wavelength, power density, common laser wavelengths are 1064nm, 10600nm, 355nm, 808nm, etc. Laser protective glasses can generally provide protection in a certain band, and different wavelength combinations should be equipped with different laser protective glasses.

3. Protection level: Laser protective glasses are roughly divided into two categories: imported and domestic. According to certification, it can be divided into products with CE certification and without certification, and according to protection level, it can be divided into OD1+ to OD7+ levels. For most applications, we recommend using products with CE certification, and we recommend choosing products with the highest degree of protection OD7+
4. Optical density (OD): The larger the OD value, the stronger the protective ability of the laser protective goggles
5. Visible light transmittance (VLT): Laser protective glasses have a good protective effect on laser light, but at the same time, they can also block part of visible light. VLT values below 20%. Laser safety glasses should be used in a well-lit environment.

6. Maximum irradiance Hmax (/m2) or maximum irradiance Emax (W/m).
7. Frame: whether to wear myopia glasses, facial contour.
8. Inhomogeneity, asymmetry, incident light angle effect, etc. of the protective lens
9. Anti-laser radiation ability
10. Visible light transmittance
11. Structure and shape

The unit price of laser protective glasses generally ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan depending on the function, quality, and material. It is very important to choose a suitable pair of laser protective glasses, and there are many aspects to consider, so you must pay attention when purchasing. gorgeous.

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