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What happens when the laser welding machine burns optical fiber

May 09,2023 | TOPTEK

Laser welding machine burning optical fiber is caused by the following reasons:
1. Excessive light intensity: the laser energy emitted by the laser welding machine is too large, exceeding the bearing capacity of the optical fiber;

2. Improper adjustment of the optical path: The laser optical path is misadjusted or not adjusted properly, resulting in the displacement or poor concentration of the light focus point, which in turn aggravates the damage of the optical fiber;
3. Optical fiber aging: When the optical fiber is used frequently, part of the optical power will be lost after a long time, which will affect its light guiding effect. If the optical fiber is not replaced in time, it may also cause the optical fiber to burn out.

1. Confirm the location of the damage: first you need to find out which part of the optical fiber is burned, and confirm whether only one optical fiber is damaged or multiple optical fibers are damaged at the same time.
2. Check the optical path parameters: Check whether the welding machine meets the appropriate requirements after adjustment. How to quickly and accurately measure and compare the interferometer readings is particularly necessary.
3. Adjust the laser power and light intensity: After determining the excessively high laser power value, adjust the output power again to restore it to normal use within the specified range.

4. Replace with new optical fiber: If it is found that the optical fiber has aging performance, it is best to replace it as soon as possible to avoid further reduction of production process due to excessive cost increase.
To sum up, in view of the fiber damage caused by different reasons, corresponding methods should be adopted to solve the problem, maintain the equipment as much as possible, and prevent similar accidents from happening again.

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