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How to adjust the current size of laser welding machine?

Apr 21,2023 | TOPTEK

The welding technology of laser welding machine is also more and more widely used. Then, when the laser welding machine is performing welding work, if the current is too large or too large, how to adjust it?

1. If the current increases, the pulse width and frequency remain unchanged, the single point energy will increase, and the total output power of the laser will also increase accordingly.
2. If the current and frequency remain unchanged, increasing the pulse width will increase the single-point energy and the total output power of the laser.
3. If the current and pulse width remain unchanged, the single point energy remains unchanged. If the frequency increases, the total laser output power also increases.

4. If the deviation is very small, it can be required by the light exit port of the beam expander (the laser at the light entrance must be in the center of the beam expander, and the normal deviation cannot exceed 1MM).
5. If the deviation exceeds 1MM, the laser needs to be moved and fixed again. It may be necessary to disassemble the laser and machine a suitable set of holes to calibrate the position of the laser. On this issue, everyone should not blindly adjust the optical path by adjusting the beam expander. Once the deviation is too large, the power of the laser and the effect of laser spot shaping will be greatly reduced, which will have a great impact on the laser welding effect.

If none of the above methods can solve the problem of low power of the laser welding machine, and you are not a professional maintenance personnel, please do not disassemble the laser welding machine at will, and contact the laser welding machine manufacturer for follow-up processing - sales service.

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