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What are the reasons for the burnout of the focusing lens of the hand-held welding torch?

Apr 21,2023 | TOPTEK

There are many precision accessories in the hand-held laser welding torch body, among which the focusing lens needs special attention. We all know that the protective lens needs to be replaced in time for hand-held welding guns. The protective lens is to protect the focusing lens. Therefore, the main reasons for the burning of the focusing lens are as follows:

1. Use it all the time without opening the gas.

2. Welding products splashed on the protective lens and were not replaced in time.

3. Failure to turn off the fan in time when replacing the protection or replacing the lens in the case of heavy smoke and dust will cause dust to enter it, resulting in burning white spots on the focusing lens, out of focus, weak light and other situations.

 4. There is too much dust on the gun head. During the customer’s use, the gun head is placed at will at work and off work, and the gun head is not placed according to the correct operation method (for example, placed sideways or upside down, the correct method should be the nozzle facing down), resulting in the gun The head is exposed to the air for a long time, and the dust along the nozzle has been on the protective lens. Long-term irregular use will also cause the focusing lens to burn.

5. Caused by improper use, when the customer uses a hand-held welding torch, he has been working for a long time and thus does not pay attention to details. He has not paid attention to the protection lens and continues to use it, which will cause the lens to burn more and more, which will affect the optical path. If the collimating lens is used, all kinds of lenses will be burned, and more seriously, it will even affect the optical fiber.

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