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Is the fiber laser welding machine fully loaded for a long time?

Apr 21,2023 | TOPTEK

Fiber laser welding machines are expensive equipment, so many customers often choose models with lower power to reduce costs.From the perspective of procurement cost, it is understandable to do so. But if the product you want to weld is relatively thick, it needs to be mass-produced continuously for a long time. It is difficult for low-power models to meet the corresponding welding requirements of the product. At this time, customers often use the laser welding machine at full power to complete the welding process. Is this good for the laser equipment? Actually, this is very bad.

1. Laser power supply of the main components: full power use is like a car running 120 yards for a long time, which will easily lead to aging of the laser power supply (mainly providing power source), aging of related electronic and optical components, and shorten the service life of components.
  2. Main components laser xenon lamp and crystal: Consumables are consumed at a faster rate. For example, a xenon lamp normally emits light for 1 million times, but it will be reduced to hundreds of thousands of times when it is operated at full load for a long time. The temperature rise of the lens during long-term full-load operation affects The damage to the coated surface is aggravated, and it is also easy to cause pollution and cracks.

  3. The main components of the laser chiller: The chiller is running at high frequency when it starts and stops, which is very harmful to the compressor and main components inside it, shortening the service life of the chiller.
Therefore, we suggest that when purchasing a fiber laser welding machine, customers should first consider factors such as the material and thickness of the product to be welded, and then choose a model with a suitable power. This will not only achieve the best welding results, but also increase the service life of the equipment.

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