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Application of automatic welding robot in welding of stainless steel guardrail

May 04,2023 | TOPTEK

According to the thickness of the pipe wall, stainless steel guardrails can be applied to different fields such as doors and windows, bridges, agriculture, animal husbandry, etc. With the increasing demand for stainless steel guardrails in various fields, this brings challenges to the welding work of stainless steel guardrails. Enterprises Started to introduce automatic welding robots to realize flexible welding.

The automatic welding robot is an automatic mechanical equipment used for welding operations. It can stabilize the welding quality on the basis of increasing the welding speed. It gradually replaces the traditional welding in various fields. The automatic welding robot has a certain practical role in the welding of stainless steel guardrails. The specific role as follows:

1. Increase the welding speed. In the application of traditional welding in the welding of stainless steel guardrails, there are welding of round pipes, steel pipes, right angles, etc. in stainless steel guardrails. There are many structures, small welds and many connection points, which exacerbates the difficulty of welding tasks and leads to low welding efficiency.

The automatic welding robot is less affected by external factors, realizes intelligent welding, and can work uninterruptedly for 24 hours. For stainless steel guardrails of different structures, it can realize programming automation and greatly improve production efficiency.

2. Quality clearance. The role of the stainless steel guardrail is to ensure safety through reinforcement. This has certain requirements for the weld strength of the stainless steel guardrail. The automatic welding robot can prevent cracks and deformation by adjusting the welding parameters. The intelligent control system controls the mechanical arm Accurately weld the weld seam, the weld seam fills well, is strong and beautiful, and improves the qualified rate of the product.

3. Define the welding cycle. When the automatic welding robot welds the stainless steel guardrail, it will not be affected by external factors. The welding speed and welding quality are constant, so the product cycle is relatively clear, which is conducive to improving the market competitiveness of the product.

4. There is no impurity on the surface of the stainless steel guardrail. There will be a lot of welding residue in traditional welding, which is easy to cause injury in daily scratches. The automatic welding robot will not have welding defects during the welding process, and the surface of the workpiece after welding is smooth, and it will not cause damage in practical applications.

5. Realize all-position welding of annular pipe fittings. The automatic welding robot can be used with the welding positioner to realize all-position welding of the circular seam pipe fittings. The welding positioner can better present the weld seam by rotating and dragging the pipe fittings without causing the omission of the weld seam.

The above is the welding application of automatic welding robot in stainless steel guardrail.

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