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What should the laser cutting machine pay attention to when cutting rusty materials?

May 04,2023 | TOPTEK

From the analysis of the cutting principle of the laser cutting machine, the laser itself cannot be used as a light source, and the laser will generate heat after being absorbed by the surface of the processed plate. On rusted or unrusted material surfaces, laser light is absorbed differently and heat generation is also greatly affected. Generally cutting rusty plates will have the following effects

The cutting efficiency of rusty plates will be reduced, the effect will be poor, and the scrap rate will be high. If conditions permit, it is best to reduce the use of anti-rust plates or treat anti-rust plates.
The biggest hazard is that holes will explode during drilling and cutting, which will pollute the lens. You can remove the rust with a grinder first. If the plate is not thick, below 5MM will have little effect, but it will affect the quality of cutting products. The pass rate is high.
A plate with uniform overall corrosion will cut better than a plate with uneven corrosion. Because the uniformly rusted plate absorbs the laser light uniformly as a whole, it can be cut well. For the processing of materials with uneven surface corrosion, the surface condition of the material should be uniform before cutting.

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