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Will traditional welding have welding hazards? Fully automatic welding manipulator solves the problem

May 10,2023 | TOPTEK

What are the welding hazards of traditional welding? With the continuous development of social economy and science and technology, the requirements for welding technology and welding quality in various fields are also getting higher and higher. In traditional welding, the main body of welding is the worker, and the harmful substances in the welding process will come into direct contact with the human body. Cause occupational diseases and cause economic losses to enterprises. The application of fully automatic welding manipulator solves a series of problems.

What welding hazards will occur in traditional welding:

1. Arc light: In the process of arc heating and direct heating of the workpiece, high-temperature arc light will be generated, and long-term contact will cause burns to workers' eyes and skin.

2. Harmful gases: Heating the welding wire will produce harmful gases, mainly carbon monoxide, ozone, hydrogen fluoride, etc., which can cause respiratory tract irritation symptoms, and in severe cases can cause bronchitis and pneumonia.

3. Electromagnetic field: Electromagnetic field will cause certain harm to the human body, and will cause harm to the human body and psychology. It is especially not suitable for staff who have undergone major surgery and have medical equipment in their bodies. Try to stay away from the working range of the welding robot.

4.Noise: Most of the welding operations are carried out in the workshop environment, and the equipment is noisy when it is working, which will cause noise-induced trauma and neurological symptoms.

The application of fully automatic welding manipulator solves the hidden dangers of welding:

1. Fully automatic welding manipulator can realize the automation of welding process. During the welding process, there is no need for manual intervention in production. Workers hold the teaching pendant to operate to reduce the harm of harmful substances to workers.
2. The fully automatic welding manipulator frees the manual from the heavy work, and cooperates with auxiliary equipment to realize the reverse movement of the workpiece, which liberates the labor force of the workers.

3. Solved the problem of difficult recruitment in the welding industry. There is a shortage of welders in the talent market, and wages have been rising year by year, which has brought them a financial burden. The welding efficiency of a fully automatic welding manipulator is 3-4 times that of ordinary workers, and the price is equivalent to a year's salary of an ordinary welding worker. salary.

4. The application of fully automatic welding manipulators also brings more jobs. Work such as installation, production, commissioning, programming, operation and maintenance needs to be done manually.

The above are the hazards of traditional welding and the application of fully automatic welding manipulators. With the continuous improvement of automation and intelligence in the welding industry, it is the development trend of the welding industry to replace manual labor with fully automatic welding manipulators.

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