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What parameters should be paid attention to when choosing a laser protection sheet?

May 10,2023 | TOPTEK

1.Diameter Thickness: The outer diameter and thickness of the protective plate. This indicator is an external dimension and the most basic confirmation value. Whether the installation is appropriate should be accurate to 0.1mm.

2.Applied Power: The actual applied power is not the power of the laser. Generally, it needs to be confirmed with the customer (laser power 6) kw, and the actual operating power is 4kw. This is the application power band range: generally refers to the band range of the laser, whether it is multi-band.

3.Material requirements: The materials generally use optical fiber, ultraviolet light, green light K9 and quartz. Co2 lasers generally use ZnSe zinc selenide. Smoothness, transmittance, damage threshold, etc.

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