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What requirements apply to laser welding machines?

Apr 28,2023 | TOPTEK

Almost all of these industries use laser welding machines. The technical characteristics of the fiber laser welding machine are concentrated energy, no pollution, small solder joints, a wide range of weldable materials, strong applicability, high welding efficiency, and fast welding speed. At the same time, the following requirements also apply to laser welding.

1. What requirements apply to products with laser welding machine welding seam requirements:
Product welding adopts laser welding, which is not only small in size, but also unnecessary.
2. Products with high degree of automation:
In this case, the laser welding equipment can be programmed manually and the path is automatic.
3. What requirements apply to laser welding machine products under normal temperature or special conditions:
Soldering can be performed at room temperature or under special conditions. Laser welding equipment is easy to install. For example, if the laser passes through an electromagnetic field, the beam will not move; the laser can weld in an air vacuum and a certain gas environment, or use the beam to pass through glass or transparent welding.
4. Some inaccessible parts require laser welding equipment:
It can weld inaccessible parts, realize non-contact long-distance welding, and have high sensitivity. Especially in recent years, YAG laser processing technology adopts optical fiber transmission technology, which makes laser welding technology more popular and applied.

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