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What is the reason for the water mist on the protective lens of the laser cutting machine?

May 09,2023 | TOPTEK

The role of auxiliary gas during laser cutting machine cutting: in order to blow away the residual waste slag to achieve the best cutting effect; use the gas to blow away the metal slag while protecting the lens to prevent the slag from adhering to the lens and affecting the cutting quality; it can be effective It achieves the effect of smooth cutting surface, no burrs and no slag, and achieves precise cutting; it can react with materials to increase the cutting speed, for example, the use of oxygen can achieve the effect of combustion.

In order to achieve a better cutting effect, the requirements for auxiliary gas are relatively high! Although the air can be used as the auxiliary gas of the laser cutting machine, since the air contains water and oil, if it is not treated, it will cause lens pollution or water mist on the protective lens, which will cause the instability of the cutting head, and finally The cutting effect and quality are not up to standard.

Therefore, when using air cutting, it is necessary to equip the fiber laser cutting machine with a cold dryer. The cold dryer can force the compressed air to be cooled below the required dew point temperature, so as to condense a large amount of water vapor and oil mist contained in it into liquid droplets. , through gas-liquid separation, and discharged out of the machine by the drainer to dry the compressed air.

The air is cooling and cleaning the laser lens and cutting lens, preventing pollutants from being reflected from the air nozzle. But the air contains a lot of moisture and impurities. Especially the harm of moisture is particularly great, if there is water, it is easy to splash on the focusing lens when jetting through the air outlet. The focusing lens has temperature when it is working. When it meets water, it will condense and cause astigmatism, resulting in insufficient laser focusing strength and accuracy, which seriously affects the cutting quality. After a long time, the focusing lens is easy to break. It should be noted that not all dryers can guarantee the use of laser gas.

The above is the analysis of the reasons for the water mist on the protective lens of the laser cutting machine.

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