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Safety precautions for industrial welding robots

May 09,2023 | TOPTEK

What are the safety precautions for industrial welding robots? With the increasing application of industrial welding robots in various fields, industrial welding robots have gradually replaced traditional welding machines, and more and more users use industrial welding robots to improve welding efficiency and stable quality. When users use industrial welding robots, there are some safety precautions that need to be paid attention to.

Industrial welding robots can automate the welding process. Many welders fear being fired. In fact, the application of industrial welding robots can bring many jobs.

The R&D, production, installation, programming, commissioning, operation, maintenance and other work of industrial welding robots all require human assistance. The editor will explain some safety precautions from the steps of using industrial welding robots.

1. Precautions for teaching programming:

A. Before teaching programming starts, pay attention to wearing safety protective gear, and check whether the various mechanisms of the industrial welding robot are operating normally.

B. Understand the properties of the materials being welded. According to the different materials to be welded, different welding processes need to be selected.

3. Follow a reasonable programming sequence. In order to ensure stable welding quality, a reasonable programming sequence needs to start from the small welding deformation and the length of the welding torch walking path.

C. Consider the welding radius. Industrial welding robots have different welding radii depending on the model, and the accessibility of the welding radius needs to be considered when programming.

2. Safety precautions during operation:

A. Before starting up, it is necessary to check the operation of the industrial welding robot and make a record of daily inspection.

B. The start operation is carried out according to the operation. Novices need to be trained to work and master the structure, function and working principle of industrial welding robots.

C. During the working process of the industrial welding robot, ensure that no one moves around in the safety fence.

D. During the welding process, the operation mode is converted to manual mode. If the industrial welding robot is abnormal during operation, the operator needs to press the emergency stop button to protect the robot body from damage.

3. Precautions for maintenance:

A. The maintenance of industrial welding robots is divided into daily maintenance, weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance and annual maintenance according to the maintenance manual.

B. Keep records during maintenance, and solve problems in time.

C. Maintenance can not only stabilize the welding quality, but also prolong the service life of industrial welding robots.

The above are the safety precautions for industrial welding robots.

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