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What instructions does the welding robot operate through?

Apr 25,2023 | TOPTEK

The current era is always developing, and our manufacturing technology has also made great progress. Many companies have already replaced manual labor with automation and robots. At present, welding robots have the characteristics of strong versatility and high precision, and have become a symbol of a new era of welding technology. The advanced advantages are widely loved by everyone. Many people want to know what instructions the welding robot uses to operate. Let's take a look together.

Welding robot manufacturers point out that welding robots complete a complete set of technological actions through programs. It can also be said that welding robots cannot be operated without programming, and with the rapid development of computer technology, offline programming is already possible. Yes, but it does not mean that the welding robot can be separated from the program.

What are the skills of welding robot programming?

(1) Plan the welding sequence, and plan the welding sequence according to the length of the welding torch's walking path to reduce welding deformation.

(2) The movement of the welding torch in space should be short, smooth and safe.

(3) Perform multiple welding tests first, optimize the welding parameters to the best, and reduce the adjustment of parameters in the later stage.

(4) In order to improve the service life of the nozzle, the welding torch must be kept clean. We need to insert the welding torch cleaning program in time to prevent the spatter from blocking the welding nozzle during welding.

(5) It is impossible to put them all in place at once. It is necessary to continuously test, check, and modify after heavy operations to make the program the most suitable in the whole process, so this is a process of continuous adjustment.

The above are some programming skills needed for the normal operation of the welding robot. If you have any questions about the operation of the welding robot, you can consult us, and we will help you answer it as soon as possible.

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