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Maintenance method of laser welding machine built-in laser

Apr 25,2023 | TOPTEK

As we all know, the daily maintenance of laser welding machine is very necessary. What are the daily maintenance methods for the built-in laser of the laser welding machine?

1, first of all to ensure its accuracy. Use a simple height gauge to check that the red light is parallel to the centerline between the top surface of the seat rail and the two rails of the optical table. In case of deviation, it can be adjusted via 6 fastening screws.

2. Check the conductivity of the circulating water once a week to ensure it is qualified. The deionized water in the internal circulation is replaced once a month. The newly written pure water conductivity should be 32MWcm.
laser welding machine.

3. Check the position of the beam brake: manually turn the frame, push the beam brake to the locked position, observe whether the red light is in the center of the lens, whether the light is in the absorption cone of the center of the lens beam terminator, if the position is not correct, please adjust it slightly .

4. Special attention should be paid to check whether the beam brake mirror of the laser welding machine is clean, and whether the polluted mirror surface will be broken soon during use.

5. Regularly adjust the light path. Otherwise other components on the optical path may be damaged due to laser misalignment or polarization.

Notes: Laser welding of carbon steel and common alloy steel: In general, laser welding of stainless steel is easier to obtain high-quality joints than conventional welding. Deep penetration narrow welds are easier to obtain with low thermal conductivity stainless steels than carbon steels. When the temperature is high or humid, the laser should always pay attention to check the cooling water circulation pipe or the laser focusing cavity. Whether it is due to the surface "condensation" phenomenon caused by too low water temperature, this "condensation" phenomenon will damage the end face of the YAG crystal, resulting in a drop in output power, or even no light. Be careful when applying.

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