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Three key points to judge the welding effect of laser welding machine

Apr 19,2023 | TOPTEK

At present, more and more enterprises use laser welding machines for processing. During the welding process, the operator is most concerned about how to judge whether the welding effect is good or bad? Share with you some tips for judging the welding effect of laser welding machines.

1. Observe the melting phenomenon Whether there will be a melting phenomenon during the welding process, the resulting intensity mainly depends on the time, power density and peak power of the laser acting on the surface of the material. In the welding process, the focus position of the beam is one of the keys to control the process parameters. Under a certain laser power and speed, only when the focus is within the position range can the maximum penetration depth and better weld shape be obtained.

2. Monitoring the tensile strength can monitor the tensile strength, and judge the problem of the laser welding machine according to the inspection results. If there are problems such as poor welding or virtual welding, it is not necessarily the problem of the welding machine, but the material may not be suitable. Change the material or change the waveform setting of the laser welding machine, and then re-weld until the most correct effect is achieved.
 3. Selection of frequency Frequency has a great influence on the requirements of welding efficiency. How to adjust to the appropriate frequency will be a technical problem, but the effect of frequency will also involve other aspects, and there must be an overall effect to have a good welding effect.

The welding effect of the laser welding machine can be judged from many aspects. As long as we master the above three points, I believe it is not difficult to judge the welding effect of the laser welding machine. Generally speaking, welding materials, laser welding machines, and processing tables are all important factors that affect the effect of laser welding.

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