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The core factors of laser welding

Apr 17,2023 | TOPTEK

The core elements that determine the quality of laser welding are laser energy control and welding process technology.

  • Laser energy control

  Since the materials to be welded have different absorption rates for different wavelengths of laser light (ranging from 5% to 50%), different laser selections will result in completely different welding effects. In order to output a uniform and stable welding laser beam to the weldment, it is necessary to have a good consistency of the laser output power or to be able to accurately control the laser output power. If the power is too low, it will lead to insufficient welding fusion and affect the welding quality. If the power is too high or fluctuates up and down It will cause undesirable effects such as splashing and air holes. Therefore, the control of laser energy has become one of the most critical technologies of laser welding.

  • Welding technology

 The interaction process between laser and matter is more complicated. Laser welding effect is related to laser wavelength, power density, welding time, welding head angle, focal distance, laser absorption rate and cleanliness of weldment, thickness and thermal conductivity of weldment, protection It is related to dozens of factors such as gas type and flow rate. Therefore, laser welding technology is also one of the key factors affecting welding quality. Laser welding technology technicians need to constantly explore and summarize, and accumulate long-term experiments to obtain good welding results.

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