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Precautions for starting the laser cutting machine after long-term shutdown

May 05,2023 | TOPTEK

Before the main power is turned on, a professional should check the circuit of the laser cutting machine to ensure that the circuit is not damaged, knotted or poorly connected. If there is any abnormality, please deal with it thoroughly and then turn on the power. Check the voltage and current loop after starting up.

1. Check whether there is water or ice in the chiller and laser.

①If the coolant is not put before the festival, you must check whether the boiling water pump and all the pipelines inside and outside the laser, the ball valve and the interface of the pipeline are frozen and cracked. If there are any of the above phenomena, please contact Raycus or the system supplier in time. Check whether the electrical interface of the laser and water cooler is tight, and whether the water pipeline is damaged or knotted. If conditions permit, water cooling can be started after replacing the new coolant.

②If the coolant of the laser and water chiller has been emptied before the festival, after resuming work, only need to inject standard coolant into the laser or water chiller, reconnect the power line, and confirm that there is no freezing, and the equipment can be directly turned on; If the ambient temperature of the device is below 5°C, place it for a period of time after adding cooling water, or use a warm air device to blow the internal pipes of the water cooler for a period of time to confirm that there is no freezing, and then turn on the device.

Note: When the laser and water cooler are started for the first time after adding water, the flow rate may be low due to air in the pipeline, and then a water flow alarm will appear. If this happens, please perform exhaust operation on the water cycle through the exhaust hole of the water pump or 10 - Restart the pump at an interval of 20 seconds; if it is 25±0.5°C, you need to continue to use antifreeze and set the correct temperature of the water cooler. At present, 25±0.5°C is suitable for most areas in China.

Check whether the interface between the laser and the air circuit is tight, and whether the air pipe line is damaged or knotted. Ventilation testing is performed where possible, while air supply equipment and airways are cleared where possible.
2. Preparations before the operation of the laser equipment.

Proficiency in protective equipment, to ensure that the environment around the machine, cutting head, and power distribution cabinet is orderly, free from any sundries, oil, idlers and other safety hazards.
The cleanliness of the lens is carried out under the guidance of the system supplier, and the cleanliness of the lens directly affects the performance and quality of laser processing;
Visually check whether the optical fiber is abnormally bent, whether the optical fiber connector (QBH head or QD head) can be accurately inserted into the processing optical head, and whether the interface seal is in place.
When the conditions are met, start the machine power and laser power, observe the laser self-inspection and operate the cutting software circuit, and manually calibrate.

Test the coaxiality and confirm whether the cutting program, process parameters, nozzle, gas and cutting material are consistent. It is recommended that the machine tool run at high speed and no load for more than ten minutes without the light before the light test.

If everything is normal with the laser and processing system, it can be processed and produced.

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