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Laser welding machine seamless welding technology

Apr 18,2023 | TOPTEK

In the process of major manufacturing industries, there is inevitably a welding process. Of course, laser welding machines are often used in the welding process. Laser welding machines are widely used in automobile manufacturing. Can the laser welding machine do seamless welding?

In the manufacture of automobiles and parts, some common welding methods include resistance welding, arc welding, brazing, friction welding, electron beam welding, laser welding and ultrasonic welding. There are certain differences in the effect and application of different welding methods. The welding process of laser welding machine can accurately weld the weld seam, and can effectively combine the molecular layer of the weld seam to realize the seamless connection of the weld seam.

The seamless welding of the laser welding machine greatly improves the structural accuracy of the machine body. Due to the impact and extrusion of the ground, each component and structure is impacted to varying degrees, which requires high-precision strength of the entire structure of the vehicle. Using the current laser welding technology, compared with other welding processes, its dynamic and static stiffness can be increased by 40% to 50%, thereby reducing noise and vibration during driving and improving riding comfort. At the same time, it also improves the safety performance of the car.

Laser welding machines use seamless welding, which is stronger and safer than spot welding to a certain extent. Because laser welding technology uses a polarizer to reflect the beam generated by the laser to focus on the focusing device, which produces a beam of high energy, if the laser beam is focused near the part, the part melts and evaporates within milliseconds. This technology can be used in welding process. The characteristics of the laser welding machine are that the deformation of the welding part is small, there is almost no gap after welding, and the welding quality is higher than that of the traditional welding method, so the laser welding machine can achieve the effect of seamless welding.

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