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How to choose the power of laser welding machine equipment

Apr 18,2023 | TOPTEK

How to choose the power of laser welding machine?

If a welding depth of 0.5mm is required, then a 200W laser welding machine is fine. It should be noted that if it is welding and spot welding, 200W is enough; if it is continuous welding, it is best to use a high-power laser, because the depth of 200W laser welding machine can weld 0.8mm; if it is rolling machine continuous welding, The welding depth of YAG laser welding equipment is about 0.5mm, so it is best to choose a 250W or 300W laser welding machine. By analogy, the deeper the required welding depth, the greater the power of the corresponding laser welding machine.

The power range of the laser welding machine is 200W~800W, choose the corresponding power according to different products. The welding depth of the laser welding machine can reach 3mm. After welding, it is solid and beautiful, with no defect rate, and the operation is simple and easy to learn. It also has a wide range of applications. Due to the high precision of laser processing, it is very suitable for precious and small products in the jewelry industry. Because the focused laser beam is so fine, a microscope is used to magnify small pieces of jewelry for precision welding. The connection between the jewelry chain and the inlaid gems should be completed with a laser spot welding machine, which is a necessary equipment.

Laser processing is a kind of precision processing technology, which is widely used in digital, mobile phone, computer and other fields, such as: laser welding of mobile phone, MP4, MP3 shell, spot welding of interface line, laser welding of notebook computer, optical fiber equipment, etc., hardware, tools, instruments In the instrumentation industry, instrumentation, sensors, kitchen utensils, computer box joint welding, tableware butt welding, mold making, mold repair and transformation during use. The seamless welding of stainless steel tableware and the welding laser welding of Yixin Connection have a good appearance, so they are widely used in laser marking and laser welding of high-grade stainless steel products. For example: handles, faucets, stainless steel tableware, knives, etc. are mostly laser marked, and the sealing of high-end electric kettles is also completed by laser welding. The fiber optic continuous welding machine is used for the assembly, welding, butt welding of kitchenware and tableware, mold opening, and maintenance and transformation during use. The speed is faster and it is more suitable for the welding of high-end consumer products in automobiles, such as the welding of automobile dials, valves, piston rings and cylinder gaskets, the welding of exhaust pipes, the welding of filters, the welding of automobile airbag generators, etc.

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