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Laser marking machine performance and service life

Apr 28,2023 | TOPTEK

With the continuous advancement of laser marking technology, its application range is becoming wider and wider, and almost all metal and non-metal materials can be marked. At present, more and more industries adopt laser marking, because the marking effect is beautiful and does not touch the workpiece, so more and more industries adopt laser marking. The following are some situations of laser marking machine performance and service life.
Stable performance: This is not obvious. It will take at least a few months, depending on the usage environment. Generally speaking, if the environment used is very dusty and not humid, after several months of observation, the marking machine will work without any abnormalities (if the front-line personnel do not operate properly, it is another matter). This is mainly related to the electrical part, computer part and water cooling circulation system of the laser marking machine.

Among the three, the performance is matched. Laser marking machine manufacturers with a certain production history, experience accumulation, R&D and design capabilities, and technology update capabilities can make the performance and ratio of these components very good. In this sense, it is also a touchstone for manufacturers and product levels.
Of course, there is another possibility that the configuration cannot keep up. This actually gives criminals an opportunity to make fakes. They will use the price difference configuration to recharge, because the price difference of the configuration cannot be seen at a glance, and it will take a while to see it. Improper configuration of the laser marking machine can easily cause problems such as software light leakage, power consumption, unstable performance, long life cycle, and high maintenance costs.

Life cycle: The laser marking machine works for a long time, generally up to 100,000 hours; the semiconductor laser marking machine and CO2 laser marking machine can work for 10,000-20,000 hours; the YAG laser marking machine can last for hundreds of hours. In fact, as long as cleaning, cleaning, and maintenance are performed regularly in daily life, whether it is a fiber laser marking machine or other types of laser marking machines, its service life can basically be extended appropriately under the original conditions. Daily maintenance is also important. Daily maintenance must be done well to ensure the marking effect and prolong the service life.

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