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Laser cutting machine - a good helper for cutting pipes

May 02,2023 | TOPTEK

1.Automatic laser cutting and blanking of metal tubes in full stroke.

According to the technical requirements of full-stroke automatic laser cutting materials for large-length metal pipes, the mechanical structure adopts a unique dual-drive pneumatic chuck rotation mechanism (driving shaft W, driven shaft W1), and the left driving shaft W-axis pneumatic chuck rotation mechanism A unique double-drive pneumatic chuck rotation mechanism is used to realize the axial movement of large-sized metal pipes.

2.CNC cutting process.

CNC cutting is a high-volume, high-efficiency, high-quality cutting production method, and its core is the CNC cutting system. The quality problems existing in the current laser pipe cutting process include: excessive cutting point of parts, high corner, deflection of cutting surface, circular deformation or inability to close, etc., which directly cause serious waste of pipe fittings and low cutting production efficiency.

CNC cutting technology refers to the advanced cutting technology and rich cutting experience provided by the cutting control software of the CNC system, so that the cutter can obtain high-quality and high-efficiency CNC cutting by skillfully using the control system.

3.A complete set of professional material technology.

Laser CNC cutting has high efficiency and complex programming materials. Improper use will waste piping and reduce cutting efficiency. On the computer, the NC cutting program is generated through professional pipe cutting software drawing, package and segment programming to realize full-stroke automatic laser cutting of large-length metal pipes. The special pipe sleeve software is the basis and premise to realize mass production, high efficiency and high quality blanking.

4.Pipe cutting process.

Because of pipe cutting (especially for small square pipes), slag adheres to the pipe wall, and most of the heat generated by cutting is absorbed by the workpiece. When the cutting density is high, the angle of the pipe is often overheated and the four angles of the square pipe are overheated, which seriously affects the cutting quality, and even cannot be cut.

To address these issues:

(1) The laser cutting head has a height sensing follow-up system, which can ensure that the height of the cutting nozzle is consistent with the surface of the workpiece during the cutting process (the focus remains unchanged), so that the cutting effect is not affected by the change of the surface of the workpiece;

(2) The method of increasing the oxygen pressure (6-8Mpa);

(3) Use software to increase the speed of sharp corner synthesis.

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