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Detailed explanation for the characteristics of laser cutting machine

May 02,2023 | TOPTEK

When purchasing a new machine, be sure to invest in the best product available, it is very beneficial to know the features of the machines before buying them. The following are some reasons why many manufacturers choose fiber laser cutting machines, hoping to inspire manufacturers in need.

1. Low maintenance:

One of the biggest benefits of using a fiber laser cutting machine is the very low maintenance costs, which can be very beneficial for companies that already own multiple machines. Spend less time on maintenance and more time cutting products.
In addition to frequent maintenance calls, high repair bills, and purchasing less expensive parts to keep the machine running properly, you will find yourself saving a lot of money over time. For business owners, this is another reason to choose a laser cutter.

2. Very efficient:

Another big advantage is the choice of fiber laser cutting machine. In many fields of cutting processing, laser cutting machines are the most efficient on the market today, with higher photoelectric conversion efficiency and higher beam transmission efficiency, making the finished product better and reducing energy waste.

3. Small footprint:

Fiber lasers are compact and have a small footprint, making them ideal for installation in factories or workshops where space is limited. It's just as efficient and productive as larger cutters and punchers, but takes up less space and is easier to set up and install. Many manufacturers using fiber laser cutting machines describe their installations as "plug and play," making them an excellent choice for companies just starting out or looking to increase productivity quickly.

4. Multipurpose:

There is a misconception that the functions and applications of laser cutting machines are limited to heavy-duty manufacturing, but this is not the case. Although these types of machines are widely used in heavy manufacturing, they are also an excellent addition to many other industries. Such as jewelry manufacturing and design, textile manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, etc.
The versatility of fiber laser cutting machines is amazing, anything that is used or seen at work can be made with a fiber laser cutting machine if it needs to be cut or punched during the manufacturing process.

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