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How to protect and maintain the daily needs of laser welding machines

Apr 21,2023 | TOPTEK

First of all, special attention should be paid to the inspection of the internal or external joint terminals of the welding machine, and the input power switch must be turned off before implementation.
1. Do regular testing. For example, when the welding machine is powered on, check whether the cooling fan rotates smoothly; whether there is abnormal vibration, sound and smell; whether there is gas leakage; check whether the wiring part has abnormal heat, etc.

2. Since the welding machine adopts forced air cooling, it is easy to inhale the surrounding dust and accumulate in the machine. Therefore, we can regularly use clean and dry compressed air to blow out the dust inside the welding machine. In particular, the gaps between transformers, reactance coils and coils, and power semiconductors must be cleaned.

3. Regularly check the connection parts of the power wiring. Check the wiring terminals on the input side and output side, and whether the wiring parts of the external wiring and the wiring parts of the internal wiring are loose. If there is rust, remove the rust to make the contacts conduct well.

4. If the electric welding machine is used for a long time, the shell will inevitably be deformed, rusted and damaged by contact, and the internal parts will also wear out. Therefore, replacement of faulty parts, repair of the casing and insulation should be carried out in the annual maintenance inspection. Comprehensive repair works such as reinforcement of deteriorated parts. Replacing Defective Parts When servicing, it is best to replace all new parts at once to ensure the performance of the welder.

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