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Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of fiber laser welding machine?

Apr 24,2023 | TOPTEK

Modern society has put forward higher requirements for laser welding technology in industries such as automobiles and machinery. In order to adapt to development and improve work efficiency, fiber laser welding technology has incomparable advantages over traditional welding. Laser welding machines have been widely used in various materials. Processing fields, including automobile manufacturing, sheet metal processing, bathroom and kitchen utensils, cabinets, gold and silver jewelry, stainless steel welding and other industries, occupy an important position in modern society.

Advantages of fiber laser welding machine:
1. Non-contact. Laser welding is non-contact welding. The material can be directly dissolved by laser to achieve the purpose of welding. This design makes the welding process easier, reduces the labor intensity of the user, and makes welding safer.
2. High degree of automation. The most prominent feature of laser welding is that it is more convenient to operate. Traditional welding methods are inseparable from people. Laser welding machines have lower requirements for human operation skills and are more convenient to use. The labor intensity of using a laser welding machine is low, which can be said to liberate people's hands.

3. Fast welding speed. The welding speed of the laser welding machine is relatively fast, up to tens of meters per minute. At the same time, the production efficiency of laser welding machines has become higher, which can improve the production efficiency of enterprises.
4. Good welding effect. Because the welding principle of the laser welding machine is laser, its focus is smaller than the spot, the positioning accuracy is high, and the welding effect is better. Moreover, the laser welding machine is easy to operate, easy to use, and can be well controlled. The welded surface will be smoother and more beautiful.
While the laser welding machine has advantages, it also has disadvantages, as follows:
1. Fiber laser is the core of fiber laser welding machine. The production cost is higher, and the one-time investment is larger. Enterprises with financial strength can choose to purchase better lasers.
2. Compared with traditional welding machine technology, laser welding machine also has certain limitations.
3. The thickness of the welding machine is smaller than that of electron beam welding, and it is still difficult for some metals with high reflectivity.

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