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How much do you know about the application of laser cleaning technology in the automotive industry?

Apr 27,2023 | TOPTEK

What is laser cleaning?
Laser cleaning technology uses high-frequency short-pulse laser as the cleaning liquid as the working medium. High-energy beams of specific wavelengths are absorbed by rust layers, paint layers, and pollution layers to form rapidly expanding plasma (highly ionized unstable gas), and at the same time generate shock waves that turn pollutants into fragments and are removed.

Application status of laser cleaning technology:
Compared with traditional cleaning technology, laser cleaning technology has unique advantages, which continuously drives the rapid development of laser cleaning market. Traditional cleaning technologies such as dry ice cleaning, sandblasting cleaning, and chemical substance cleaning have disadvantages such as roughness, abrasion, high labor intensity, low efficiency, low safety factor, and high cost, which not only pollute the environment, but also may cause harm and potential danger to the human body. As a non-contact and non-abrasive cleaning process, laser cleaning technology can precisely control the depth and width of cleaning, and can effectively remove rust, oil stains, and paint layers on metal surfaces. , oxide layer, etc. can achieve perfect cleaning.

Application status of laser cleaning technology in the automotive field:
As the population continues to grow and the middle class continues to grow, it has further driven the development of the automobile manufacturing industry. Today's cars are not only required to be practical, but also economical and beautiful. Updates are getting faster and faster. Traditional cleaning methods are difficult to meet the needs of fine cleaning, environmentally friendly cleaning, and low-cost cleaning in the modern automobile manufacturing industry.

In the novel cleaning process adopted by the continuous innovation of automobile technology, laser cleaning technology uses the characteristics of automatic cleaning, selective cleaning and high cleaning efficiency to clean various parts on the car, such as: car hubs, brake pads, engine covers, etc. Engine, etc., used for surface rust removal, paint removal, oxidation layer removal, oil removal, etc., with powerful functions. In addition, laser cleaning is very gentle, requires no consumables, and will not damage the surface of the substrate. It can save the enterprise a certain amount of labor cost and consumable cost every year.

The laser cleaning machine can also perform precise and precise cleaning on the metal parts of the car before or after welding. At this time, laser cleaning is non-contact, non-grinding, and non-damaging, which can help automotive metal parts to obtain solid, non-toxic welding and bonding of voids and micro-cracks, effectively improve the welding quality of automotive products, and can also specify other automotive parts area for precise, precision cleaning.

For example, laser cleaning of car hoods: Partial cleaning of car hoods using laser cleaning technology is a perfect alternative to traditional surface cleaning. Traditional cleaning methods cannot clean the surface accurately, so most auto parts are now cleaned by laser. Laser cleaning machines can also be equipped with robots or fixtures to clean the surface of the workpiece in an automated manner. In addition, the operation of the laser cleaning machine is very simple, even a novice can quickly learn to use it after simple operation training.

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