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Why is the UV laser marking machine so expensive

May 03,2023 | TOPTEK

Many people have such a question about laser marking machines: optical fiber, green light, carbon dioxide, ultraviolet, mopa machine, the appearance does not look much different, but the laser light source is different, why is the ultraviolet laser marking machine so expensive? Why are other types of light sources so much cheaper?

In fact, everyone should understand that the price gap is nothing more than a problem of different configuration and later maintenance. 

Ultraviolet laser marking machine is composed of ultraviolet laser, vibrating mirror, lens, industrial computer, control card, workbench casing, electronic control device, power supply, red light, pedal, combined operation mirror and other original components.
The wavelength of the laser is 355nm, and the technical difficulty is higher, so the price of the ultraviolet laser is more expensive.
Compared with other light sources, the galvanometer and lens of the UV laser marking machine have different coating thickness and materials, so they cannot be used universally. The galvanometer and lens of the UV laser marking machine are more expensive than other types of light sources.

On the other hand, ultraviolet laser marking machines have relatively higher requirements on the environment, especially water-cooled lasers, which need to maintain a constant temperature. Moreover, the stability of the UV laser marking machine is not as good as that of the fiber laser marking machine, and it needs the help of manual after-sales, which increases the cost of labor and after-sales.
Overall, there are two main reasons why the price of UV laser marking machines is relatively expensive. On the one hand, it reflects the high cost of spare parts, and on the other hand, it is reflected in labor costs. The stability and life of UV laser marking machines are not as good as Other light sources need to provide after-sales service, especially after a long time of use, the power of the ultraviolet laser decays relatively quickly, and the labor cost will also increase.

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