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Why choose laser cleaning machine for rust removal

Apr 24,2023 | TOPTEK

1. Safe and pollution-free
The laser metal cleaning process does not use chemicals, is more environmentally friendly and does not endanger the health of employees. The safe and pollution-free cleaning method makes the laser cleaning machine suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries.

2. Does not damage the base material
Laser surface cleaning systems work by directing a powerful, high-pulse laser at a rusted, painted or coated surface. This energy breaks down existing contaminants and effectively removes them from the substrate. Removing degraded layers or coatings affects only a few microns. It doesn't go on to burn off the underlying solid surface, making the laser's action more specific.

3. More efficient and cost-effective
Of all industrial cleaning methods, laser cleaners have the lowest operating costs. Lasers are many times faster than using chemicals, reducing labor costs.

4. Selectively and accurately peel off layers
Unlike sandblasting, lasers are selective and can be easily focused on very small dots or stripes without affecting adjacent materials. Precise and spot cleaning is easier with laser cleaning methods. Additionally, laser cleaning makes it easier to reach the corners of objects with intricate designs. The final product after laser cleaning is much finer than other cleaning methods.

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