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Which materials are suitable for handheld laser cleaning and rust removal?

Apr 24,2023 | TOPTEK

Rust is inevitable when metal is left for a long time. If it is to be put into use again, the rust layer on the metal surface needs to be cleaned. The methods used in the past are mostly mechanical polishing or chemical cleaning. This traditional cleaning method can damage the metal surface, rendering the metal unusable. The resulting waste pollutes the environment. As a new generation of industrial surface cleaning high-tech products, laser rust removal has played an important role in rust removal. Laser derusting does not require chemical reagents and mechanical polishing, and has no pollution to the environment. The reflectivity of metals to light is used to protect workpieces from damage. So which materials are handheld laser rust removal suitable for?

The handheld laser cleaning machine can derust the workpiece from multiple angles, and is suitable for metal and non-metal materials. Metal materials include stainless steel, iron, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, copper, etc., and non-metal materials include glass, ceramics, paper, etc. These workpieces can be derusted by a handheld laser cleaning machine.

Advantages of handheld laser cleaners in rust removal applications:
1. Convenient and easy to use;
2. Suitable for long-term operation;
3. Flexible and efficient application in various industrial processing scenarios;
4. It can partially remove rust and remove dead corners;
5. You can specify the location and size to be cleared.

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