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What is the working principle of the laser welding machine cooling system?

Apr 18,2023 | TOPTEK

The cooling system is one of the key components of the laser welding machine. If there is an abnormality in the cooling system, it will cause the machine to stop running, and in severe cases, it will even cause the crystallization rod to explode. This shows the necessity of the laser welding machine cooling system.

At present, the cooling system of the laser welding machine mainly includes water cooling, air cooling and water cooling and air cooling combined into one. Among them, water cooling is the most widely used. Its basic working principle is:
1. The laser welding machine chiller generally has a filter device, which can reasonably and effectively filter out the protruding particle residue in the water, keep the cavity of the laser hydraulic plunger pump clean, and avoid the probability of blockage.

2. The chiller uses mineral water or deionized water, which is more conducive to the plunger pump light source directly entering the laser material, forming a better laser mode.
3. Laser welding machine chillers are generally equipped with pressure gauges and barometers, and the pressure in the laser water channel can be known at a glance.

4. The chiller adopts imported refrigeration compressors, the water storage tank and centrifugal water pump are made of stainless steel, and the heat conduction fan coil is also made of stainless steel, which can completely guarantee the smooth operation of the chiller, the cooling effect is very good, and the operation is simple. The direct effect of temperature is smaller.
5. The laser welding machine chiller is generally powered by 220V household electricity instead of 380V three-phase electricity, which is more conducive to the practicability of the equipment.

6. The chiller is equipped with water flow protection. When the water output is lower than the set value, there will be a signal alarm, which can be used to protect the cooling of the laser and related components.
7. The laser welding machine chiller has a temperature protection function. If the temperature is not suitable, a signal alarm will also appear.
8. There is also a water level alarm.

9. There is also a chiller that can perform a series of control functions, temperature adjustment, temperature difference adjustment, etc.

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