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What is the difference between the application of laser marking machine to colored stainless steel?

May 09,2023 | TOPTEK

Laser marking machine is a method of marking by irradiating a high-energy-density laser beam on the surface of the processed material to evaporate or change the color of the surface material. Today, colored stainless steel is used in many fields such as construction, automobiles, and handicrafts. The color laser marking machine provides people with new and efficient solutions, adds new colors to stainless steel products, and is a good choice to increase the added value of products.

The marking speed of the laser marking machine is far from that of the traditional marking process, which greatly improves the processing efficiency and effectively reduces the production cost and environmental pollution risk for the enterprise. Although compared with traditional marking methods such as mimeograph and inkjet, laser marking machine technology was born late, but it can quickly occupy the marking market in a short period of time and has become one of the most widely used technologies in the field of laser processing.
The laser marking machine adopts imported laser, which has good marking effect and small thermal deformation, and is favored by customers. It is suitable for the fields that require high finish and precision, such as graphic marks on the surface of electronic products, hardware and sanitary ware, clocks, jewelry, ic, plastic buttons, etc.

What is the difference between laser marking machine and traditional marking method:
1. The laser marking machine is environmentally friendly and pollution-free;
2. The marking speed of the laser marking machine is fast, and the marking pattern can be permanently retained;
3. The laser marking machine can edit various text patterns at will, and the operation is easy;

4. The laser marking machine bid farewell to single color, and endowed stainless steel with multiple colors, which is more in line with market demand;
5. The anti-counterfeiting performance of the laser marking machine is very strong, and it can give the colored stainless steel its unique identity;
6. The laser marking machine belongs to non-contact marking, and the impact on the health of workers is very small, almost negligible.