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What are the general cleaning methods for different lenses of fiber laser welding machines?

Apr 24,2023 | TOPTEK

In simple terms, a laser lens is a lens mounted on a laser tube to focus the laser beam. The lens of the fiber laser welding machine needs to be cleaned regularly. The cleaning methods of different lenses of fiber laser welding machine are:

1. Cleaning of the focusing mirror of the fiber laser welding machine: Be careful not to use too much force when disassembling and assembling, and do not collide with hard objects. Make sure there is sufficient air pressure for the device to operate. The cleaning principle of polymerized lenses is to try not to clean them when there is no pollution, and to clean them in time when there is pollution. Orientation rotates from the center of the lens to the edges. Both sides of the lens need to be cleaned, be careful when wiping.

2. Cleaning of the mirror lens of the optical fiber laser welding machine: remove the lens from the frame; put the lens paper on the mirror with the mirror facing up; drop a few drops of acetone on the lens paper, and gently pull the lens paper over the mirror; repeat The above process until the mirror surface is clean and the mirror surface is free of dirt and residue; then put the lens into the frame. If a molybdenum mirror is used as a reflector, since it cannot be coated, it can be used directly after polishing, and can be cleaned with clean water (soapy water or water containing detergent). However, other coated lenses of laser welding machines cannot be cleaned with water, because many coatings dissolve in water, which will damage the lenses.

3. Cleaning of the optical fiber laser welding machine lens: Fold the lens wiping paper into several folds, soak it with a few drops of pure acetone; gently wipe the lens surface with the soaked lens paper, be careful not to press the lens with your fingers; repeat several times until The surface of the lens is clean, free of dirt and residual traces; blow dry with dry air; you can roll the lens paper with a few drops of acetone into a stick, and gently wipe the surface of the lens to remove heavy dirt drops. It should be noted that acetone is easy to absorb moisture from the air and pollute the acetone itself, so the acetone bottle should be tightly closed, and the remaining acetone liquid after cleaning must not be poured back into a new acetone bottle.

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