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What are the characteristics of robot welding?

Apr 26,2023 | TOPTEK

Robot welding:
1. It is suitable for large-format space welding, intelligent robot operation, flexible and reliable, six-axis linkage, welding in any space, not limited to plane welding.

2. Customers can customize fixtures according to production needs.

3. It can realize double-station or multi-station welding operation, save the time of product installation and fixture, and greatly improve production efficiency.

4. Equipped with the domestic first oscillating welding head, its unique wedge-shaped vibration mode widens the weld seam, making the application of laser welding more extensive, and can realize laser efficient and precise welding for larger workpieces and workpieces with wider weld seams. Moreover, the welding quality effect is obviously better than that of ordinary welding heads. The surface of the weld seam is smooth and beautiful, and the welding quality is good.

5. High repeatability, error-free repeated welding, no consumables, flexible processing, and low operating costs.

6. It can replace manual operation in some places, and is suitable for some difficult space welding.

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