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The service life of the fiber laser marking machine is very long, why is that?

Apr 26,2023 | TOPTEK

First of all, as the working time of the semiconductor laser marking machine increases, the threshold current of the laser will gradually increase, which will lead to the degradation of the laser of the semiconductor laser marking machine. The semiconductor laser tube core used is extremely small, and the working current density and optical power density are very high. The semiconductor single crystal material used as the laser material is more prone to defects. degradation. The mirror surface of the laser is formed by the cleavage process. The mirror surface itself is affected by environmental conditions, and pollution can also cause the performance of the laser to decline. Die welding is also a key technology. The die is welded on the heat sink, and the distance from the active source to the heat sink is only a few microns; the semiconductor laser will generate heat when it is working. If there is too much solder, it will slowly climb up when heated, which will short-circuit the semiconductor laser and cause the performance of the laser to decline.

On the other hand, any laser marking machine equipment needs our careful maintenance. In fact, the service life of the semiconductor laser marking machine is not fixed. As long as you pay attention to maintenance, you can still prolong the service life. The same is true for fiber laser marking machines. As long as cleaning, cleaning, maintenance and other work are carried out regularly, whether it is a semiconductor laser marking machine or a fiber laser marking machine, its service life can be maintained on the original basis. lengthened.

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