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Ten points for attention in purchasing wire feeder!

May 09,2023 | TOPTEK

For users who are in contact with this product for the first time, it is very confusing how to choose a useful wire feeder! Many users just bought one at a cheap price and came back, only to find that it was not satisfactory for the money. Some of the products that stick to the welding wire are useless at all, and I regret it in my heart, and feel that I spent a lot of money! Let me popularize this knowledge for everyone!

1. Wire feeding force

The cheap and poor quality motors and adjustment systems used by some manufacturers are not strong enough for low-speed wire feeding. When the speed is adjusted to 1.5, the motor will not move. When testing, you should choose to adjust to 0.1. The motor will also feed the wire. The low-speed wire feeding is still very stable. This is very important when welding thin plates. The thin plate needs to be slow. For those who feed the wire, the wire is too fast to melt.

2. High precision

Choose the kind of four-wheel dual-drive high-precision wire feeding mechanism, and the welding wire should be fed in a closed state. Because the welding wire spool is exposed outside, dust or other dirt can easily enter the notch of the wire feed roller along with the welding wire, which will easily cause the welding wire to slip.

3. Accurate adjustment parameters

Some wire feeders are adjusted by knobs, which is not accurate. If you want to adjust the time, the 1 on the knob does not mean 1 second. In many cases, it only takes 0.0 seconds, and the knob is difficult to adjust. To choose a variety of time adjustment can be accurate to 0.01 seconds wire feeder. Adjusted to 0.01, it means 0.01 seconds. In this way, the machine adjustment is more accurate, faster and more convenient when feeding wire!

4. Non-stick workpiece

It is necessary to choose an automatic wire feeder with the function of delaying the arc extinction when the welding wire is stopped, and the delay arc extinguishing time can be adjusted. The digital-analog circuit technology of other factories is to stop the wire while extinguishing the arc and draw back. Although there is an automatic back-drawing function for the anti-stick wire when the wire stops, the wire is not completely melted, and even if the withdrawal speed is adjusted quickly, it will not work. ! Because the system has a dynamic response time, especially in winter when the temperature is low and the workpiece cools quickly, the sticky wire is still outstanding, so it will stick to the workpiece!

5. There are continuous wire feeding and pulse wire feeding functions

The precise adjustable range of pulse intermittent time is 0.01-99.99 seconds!

6. There are wire stop and wire feeding switching functions

Some workpieces do not need wire feeding, and can be switched to the wire stop state directly through the switch without rewiring. For example, in manual welding, the workpiece needs to be spot-welded first. During spot welding, wire feeding is not required. Switch the switch to the wire-stop state. Silk!

7. The wire feed gun fixture should be lightweight and made of aluminum

The 360-degree angle can be adjusted, and the weight of the fixture should be light, so that the hands will not be tired after a day of manual welding. The iron fixture is heavy, so it is not recommended to buy it.

Eight, there must be wire feeding in advance

There are two functions of welding machine arc restarting and welding machine arc starting first, then wire feeding.

9. Jog retraction function

When debugging, the wire is long, so you don’t need to cut it, just click it, and it can return to the ideal length, which is very convenient.

10. It can be synchronized with the welding machine to realize linkage

Equipped with automatic welding, there is no need to program and control the welding machine and wire feeder separately, and the wiring can be used.

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