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Precautions when welding aluminum alloy with laser welding machine

Apr 25,2023 | TOPTEK

Welding aluminum, copper, titanium alloys and other materials is essential for industrial processing, and the fiber optic continuous automatic laser welding machine can handle the welding of various metals, including low carbon steel and aluminum, copper, titanium alloys, etc. For marking industrial metal products, however, there are various technical difficulties in the welding of aluminum alloys by laser welding machines. Recon Technology takes a look at how to optimize its welding quality.

Due to the high pulse rise time and beam quality of fiber lasers, the heat input is small and the heat source is concentrated. The energy density of laser welding aluminum, copper and titanium alloys is more concentrated, and the laser wavelength is shorter. High reflection improvement, especially suitable for metal welding.

In a given optical fiber continuous automatic laser welding machine optical system, the higher the quality of the output beam, the smaller the laser spot size, which can improve the processing efficiency. For most materials, through laser wire filling, laser-MIG hybrid welding, double-point laser welding and other processes, the welding and forming effect of aluminum alloys can be significantly improved. The rough metal surface has high sandblasting, high light reflectivity and clean surface. The laser energy input is less, and the welding quality is improved.

Introduction of Welding Process

Optical fiber continuous automatic laser welding machine currently mainly uses conventional methods such as TIG welding and MIG welding to weld aluminum alloy. Regardless of the welding method used, aluminum alloy welding

Preparations before joining are essential and have a great influence on the welding quality of aluminum alloys.

Before welding, wipe the surface of aluminum alloy parts with absolute alcohol or acetone to remove impurities such as water or oil adsorbed on the surface;

●In order to prevent the workpiece from being oxidized in the air, the workpiece needs to be mechanically polished or chemically treated and dried to complete the welding as soon as possible;

In order to speed up the fluidity of the molten pool during aluminum alloy welding, a copper plate can be added to the back of the aluminum alloy workpiece to improve the shape of the weld seam;

Ar gas protection is used during welding to isolate the air and reduce the generation of pores.

Optical fiber continuous automatic laser welding machine not only realizes the welding of various metals, but as various industries want to create more characteristics, the wide promotion and application of equipment makes the whole market active, not only for enterprises, but also for Our household items DIY.


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